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Installation and assistance of Air conditioning plants


Air conditioning plants assistance


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Sale and installation of air conditioners


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Technical design office

Gianluca Bonni Impianti is a company specialized in the sale, design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems in Foggia.
Thanks to the experience and skills gained in the its own sector and the wide range of available solutions, our technical office will be on your side to choose the most suitable system for your needs.

A customer care propensity rewarded by our excellent customer feedback, which encourages us to expand our product range and to implement high quality, professional services.


Post-sales technical support service

We guarantee efficiency and functionality to your plant. Our technicians will be at your disposal to provide you with useful information for the proper functioning of your product and to perform all assistance measures required.
In case of need, the company staff is able to assist you at any time. The quality of our work is the result of a constant and well-known training and updating course, even regulatory, carried out on a regular basis with our industrial partners.


Qualified installers

Our installers can boast twenty years of experience in the field. Acquired know-how, coupled with constant training in collaboration with manufacturing companies, enables our team of installers to always suggest the best technical solutions for optimum use of the plant.
After the necessary technical inspections, our operating team will perform all the necessary feasibility studies for installation, following installation and operation of the system.


The company

Our company was born from a very precise idea: to propose to the users of our territory a company able to offer professionalism, seriousness and quality products.
To compete at best in a highly competitive industry such as the one that sees us committed, as well as offering state-of-the-art technical solutions, it is necessary to provide consulting services and assistance to guarantee a winning business mission. We constantly work alongside our customers to advise, inform and assist them throughout the life of the plant.




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