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Opening a blog entirely dedicated to our business is a great opportunity for us to be more present with our customers, a direct way to share useful information and opinions.

In order to have an air-conditioned environment entrusted to the experience and competence of those who have made of the quality and technology their core business.

Air conditioners in Foggia - heat pump inverter Kirigamine Zen- produced by Mitsubishi Electric, is designed and manufactured to give your house and your business more elegance, creativity and performance.

All this, in the utmost silence. It is only twenty, in fact, the decibels emitted during operation by this technological jewel: a sound level similar to that caused by the rustle of leaves when the wind caresses them.

Kirigamine Zen is not only cutting-edge technology applied to quality of life but also an exclusive complement of furnishings.

You will be able to buy it in white, gloss black and satin-finish silver: three shades that will no doubt match your living style.

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